Working Together What is the Collaborative?

What's The Collaborative?

Through collaboration, we are empowering communities to create a healthy Philadelphia where all families can thrive.

Establishing a Common Agenda

Working with communities as a true collaborative partner, The Collaborative will be a reflection of the will of the residents to enhance their lives through access to resources they deem necessary to achieve better health and success in life.

Taking a grassroots approach to build trust in the community, The Collaborative will focus on knowing, understanding and listening to the community to bring goodwill and act on areas of synergy driven by their needs.

Our objectives are to:

  • Share our platform to amplify the community voice in identifying their needs and building strategies to improve their health
  • Bridge the gap between community needs and resources to address them
  • Establish a culture of health among communities that is a multigenerational legacy

Together, we can create a healthier Philadelphia