We are on a Mission

Where you live, grow and work should not determine your ability to access care or your quality of health and life expectancy. P-CHE will mobilize resources, collaborate strategically, and address the negative impacts on health many communities face.

Improving Lives in Philadelphia, from the Ground Up

By taking a grassroots approach to building trust in communities and empowering the people who live there, we are dedicated to empowering communities by investing in the right resources, infrastructures, and partnerships to reduce health disparities in and around Philadelphia.

Our mission has three main aspirations:


Raise Awareness

We will raise awareness about the health barriers that exist throughout Philadelphia’s most underserved communities.


Increase Health Equity IQ

We will increase health equity IQ among Philadelphia’s leading philanthropists, corporations, community organizations, foundations, institutions, and health influencers.


Collaborate with Key Partners

We will collaborate with other health entities to enact positive change and comprehensive,creative solutions to Philadelphia’s health equity challenges.

Together, we can create a healthier Philadelphia