Aisha Morales was 9 years old and in the 4th grade when she first joined Providence Center’s afterschool program. Aisha was so inspired by her Teen Leader (high school students we hire every year to work in our afterschool program) that she wanted to come back after graduating from our program to become a Teen Leader herself, and she didn’t stop there.

Aisha is now a proud Teen Leader who continually lights up a room with her smile and energy. She says being a Teen Leader has taught her patience, responsibility, and time management. Our Teen Leaders Program empowers youth within the Fairhill Community to be leaders and prepares them for the workforce with ongoing professional and personal development. In the last few years 100% of our Teen Leaders graduated our program to pursue higher education, whether it be in a university setting, a certificate program, or the military.

Aisha has more recently joined our YA! Program as a youth advocate. As a youth advocate she is currently participating in Providence Center’s Teen Trauma Ambassador program and will soon help to bring awareness to her community about the importance of being trauma-informed.

As a junior in high school she is also preparing for her transition to college with the support of one of our partners, Bright Horizons Foundation. BHF is a program that focuses on college access for underserved youth.

Aisha Morales (seen on the right as an after school student with her former Teen Leader, Vee Cruz who is one of our staff members now) is a model example of the impact that our programming has on our future leaders. At Providence Center we lead by example and we teach our youth to do the same. We could not be more proud of this young lady and we are positive she is having a big impact on the lives of so many of our afterschool students.

Providence Center has been providing joy and hope to the Fairhill section of Philadelphia through educational programming since 1993. While we welcome the entire community, most of our students come from Fairhill’s substantial Puerto Rican and Latino population. Though our community has the highest poverty rate in Philadelphia, we are committed to helping hard-working families embrace futures filled with hope and opportunity.

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