What is Health Equity?

Health equity ensures that everyone, regardless of where they live, can achieve their highest level of health.

There are range of factors affecting your health

Ninety percent of what makes an individual healthy has nothing to do with being able to see a doctor. The wide variety of social and structural determinants –where people are born, live, work, and age – can promote or impede an individual’s ability to be healthy. Many residents grapple with securing safe housing, reliable employment and healthy and nutritious food.

Some key factors:

25.8% of Philadelphians live below the federal poverty line, a circumstance most widely experienced by young women with small children.

1 in 5 Philadelphian families experience food insecurity, almost double the national average.

The unemployment rate stubbornly remains over 6%, despite Philadelphia’s overall steady job growth.

The Collaborative is bringing stakeholders together to address the challenges Philadelphia communities face, and will leverage health as a catalyst to create a more vibrant city.

Together, we can create a healthier Philadelphia