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There are several ways you can help The Collaborative support vulnerable communities during the COVID-19 pandemic:



The Response Fund


Give to the The Collaborative COVID-19 Response Fund to support local nonprofits and community agencies build their capacity to respond to COVID-19 related needs in their communities during this unprecedented time. This could include upgrades to their technical capabilities as they pivot their programs and services to a virtual environment. It can include support to secure additional basic needs supplies like food, clothing, diapers, and formula as organizations experience a spike in utilization of these services due to growing unemployment.


Food Insecurity


Help us address food insecurity among vulnerable individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19. In addition to providing a diagnosis on COVID-19 cases, Jefferson’s clinical departments have been screening these individuals for the social determinants of health. They have found that an incredible number of these individuals are food insecure as a residual effect of COVID-19 because they are unable to grocery shop in isolation (to mitigate spread), but also do not have the means to afford food delivery services.  We have launched a program to provide two-week supplies of food to address these issues upon discharge from clinical care.


Telehealth Visits


Cover the cost of telehealth visits for underserved community members in Frankford, one of the Philadelphia neighborhoods with the highest rate of infection, and also one of the poorest and hungriest neighborhoods in the country.


Substance Abuse Treatment


Support individual’s continued treatment for substance abuse disorder during the pandemic. Officials worry we could see a spike in overdose deaths due to the depression and hopelessness exacerbated by the isolation of social distancing.  The Maternal Addiction Treatment, Education, and Research (MATER) continues to treat pregnant women and recent mothers who suffer from substance abuse disorder to address their illness and improve their lives through medical assisted treatment, counseling, case management, and mindfulness and parenting skills. To make a gift to MATER please click HERE.


Make a Gift

The Collaborative is working hard to raise crucial funds to support this city-wide initiative. Your support is critical and can help be a catalyst for propelling this work forward. Please consider making a donation today.

We are making real change with some help from our friends.